Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Services

  • We provide complete review reports that acutely scrutinize your current workflow patterns, staff 
    technology that significantly aids in boosting overall productivity.
  • All our RCM services are provided to you in a cost effective and encompassing manner.
  • Our expert revenue cycle management teams reduce cost to collect by 40%.
  • We boost your operational efficiency revenue performance.
  • Engage with your patients in a convenient manner.
  • We provide revenue cycle management support.
  • We will minimize your bad debt by accelerating your receivables.
  • We actively identify new revenue streams and transition towards risk-based payment models effortlessly.
  • We bring our vast experience in working EMR/EHR practice management to the table.
  • We accurately provide patient payment estimations, contract modeling services, charge
    capture regulatory compliance services.
  • We effectively manage the complexities of claim audits through all levels of appeals from Medicare, Medicaid other insurance carriers.
  • Our revenue cycle specialists analyze and mitigate future impacts on revenue streams.
  • We handle primary and secondary Medicare billing with unquestionable expertise.
Blssmedix : Medical Billing company in usa

Over the years, BlssMedix has increased the scope of its services to better serve healthcare facilities. Our integrated solutions and services go beyond merely billing and coding for medical services to enhance patient-physician interaction, boost data transmission security, and offer in-depth analysis.

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