About Blss Medix

We are a customer-focused business with years of experience in offering top-notch medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) services. BlssMedix has a dedicated and top-notch team of professionals at the helm and offers a full range of healthcare IT solutions and services.

Over the years, BlssMedix has increased the scope of its services to better serve healthcare facilities. Our integrated solutions and services go beyond merely billing and coding for medical services to enhance patient-physician interaction, boost data transmission security, and offer in-depth analysis and insight into an organization’s operations.

Cost Effective Health Care IT Solution

In order to assist thousands of healthcare professionals in providing improved care to millions of patients.
With a high percentage of class satisfaction, BlssMedix goes above and beyond to provide small, independent medical offices with high-quality software experiences.
Services are provided by BlssMedix to improve healthcare for all people.

Improved Services

BlssMedix has been effective in
expediting claims handling and reimbursement for its sizable
clientele because it keeps up with constantly evolving rules and
insurer reimbursement standards.

Comprehensive Solutions

Healthcare companies and individual clinicians around
the United States can take advantage of the comprehensive and cutting-edge medical billing services offered by BlssMedix, a professional medical billing firm.

Being in the lead

BlssMedix satisfies the demand of healthcare businesses in today’s competitive environment to enhance clinical workflows,
boost profitability, improve patient experience, and reduce operational expenses.

Who is BlssMedix?

We are a group of experienced professionals within the medical billing sector, we offer
business consultations, IT solutions, and specialized workflow practices. Our team at
Blssmedix comprises of over 15 years’ of experience in customer care and satisfaction, which
has led us to become one of the leading consumer-centric companies in the industry.Why Choose Us
We offer free audits, analysing any weak areas of your practice and recommending steps
leading to increasing your revenue.
Our team of experts work with our partners to meet your customized billing needs.
Our team is specialized in Revenue Cycle / Practice Management.
Our experts will create customized workflows that will fit your needs.
We don’t make clients we create partners, as our growth is tailored to our partner’s growth.

Excellence Is Our Speciality

We have the expertise you need to get paid fast and accurately so you can concentrate on patient care.

We provide our clients personnel with free training on the knowledge we require to carry out our tasks. We identify answers to issues so you may concentrate on patient care when they do arise.

The most knowledgeable medical billing specialists in the region make up BlssMedix. We have the expertise to guide you through the constantly shifting reimbursement environment.

We have enjoyed servicing our doctors and their employees. Our customers can anticipate speaking to real people, not automated systems.